CFA test center change due to possible exam cancellation

Hello L3 folks, I changed my test center from NYC to Hartford, Connecticut yesterday in anticipation of NYC being cancelled and now I’m having second thoughts (although useless since I cannot change it back now) I am eager to get this exam over with and my thought process was to change to a smaller city with lower infection rates but my nightmare is that CT now gets cancelled and NYC continues as planned due to more test center options. Anyone else apply this strategy? Asking for a friend here…

One of my candidates in New York changed his test center . . . to Omaha.

I’m worried about the same thing in NYC. Haven’t changed it yet. Florida seems like a viable option since they opened everything.

Hoping they just administer this thing everywhere and let the candidates worry about staying safe.

Yes hopefully. As painful as taking a 6 hour test with a mask is going to be, I’m ready to get this over with. Just FYI test center change deadline was yesterday :confused:

any chance you might be able to advise on how I can change my profile from L2 candidate to L3 candidate?

Unfortunately, I don’t know.

I haven’t had to do that . . . well . . . ever; AnalystForum didn’t exist when I took my exams.