CFA text and Other information

Hi, I earned a bachelors degree in finance. Now I am planning on registering for the CFA. I had a couple of questions that were coming to my mind. The first one was how to allocate time between work and studying for CFA. If I register for it now and get an exam date for july. Will this time be enough and the other thing was about the text. If I fail to appear in july will the text be valid for december exams? Someone who has already cracked the 1st level please help me.

If you show up to your test center in July, you’ll be very disappointed to learn that you’ve arrived a month late for the exam. Your June books will be applicable to the December exam as well, but you’ll have to pay exam registration fees again. Between now and June, you should have ample time to prepare.

Your best bet is to go to and familiarize yourself with their policies and suggestions. I think they are pretty spot on when they say you’ll need to put in a minimum of 300 hours. Some can cover the material and questions in a lesser time, but I doubt if one can spend less than 300 hours straight out of undergrad school with no work experience. There are always exceptions to the rule.

trust me, you can manage work and studying if you’re diligent enough…just be prepared to have no life. 10 days since the test and my social life is still in disarray.