CFA text book - Studying method question

Hi all, I was wondering if studying and solving Schweser questions are enough to pass the exam. Or should we also solve the end of chapter questions in the CFA text book (the one you get when you sign up for the exam). Please let me know. Thanks

It depends on what you mean by “solving Schweser questions”. I did more than 10 practice exams + quite a few questions from the QBank; I had signed up for those when I purchased the material. Maybe I did 3000 questions all in all, and that was enough. It all depends on how well you know the various subjects. In my opinion you should not concentrate on the questions in the CFA text book (they’re questions that go with the original literature and not necessarily geared towards the exam format multiple choice).

The Schweser questions/problems are nothing like the exam questions. If you aren’t going to crack the CFAI text for any other reason, at least use it for the end of the chapter problems. The Schweser problems alone will not likely be enough. In addition, you’ll want to purchase all of the practice exams that the CFAI offers (not just the free one). I found them to be extremely helpful.