CFA textbooks

This post might be redundant among others, but still wanted to write this. I just got the LII books from CFAI. They are just monstrous! Guys & Galz : What are your agendas related to studying for LII? I think these might just be used for and extremely quick go thru AFTER schweser, atleast IMHO. I am apping to B schools right now and so will not have much time before november to start anything anyways. Thus I figured that I can wait for the Schweser notes till nov end or dec beginning. I also happen to have 07 LII pdfs, though I am not sure how good they will be. I used 06 LI notes in june 07 and there were a few questions I felt I had no clue about even though I had done the notes real good. everybody’s 3 cents are welcome -VS

no advice yet!! :’(

With CFAI enforcing their curriculum for the first year, I would expect them to throw stuff in the exam that Schewzer and Stalla missed like TB Model this year. I personally am planning on reading them cover to cover. No let downs this time around. I Plan on acing this bad boy. Failing borderline is the worst feeling.

Reading a few readings here and there until mid-October. Step it up then and plow through all 6 volumes and finish up by early Feb. Run through Schweser once and reference weak/poorly covered areas back to the curriculum. Finish Schweser pass through by April. Practice exams and review for May. I doubt I’ll actually stick to this schedule though! Football season kills me and if the Cubs make the playoffs, CFA materials are outta the question!

thanks vancandidate and lakai99…