CFA topic test on website

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone who already attended the CFA L2 exam could tell me if the CFA topics test on the CFA website are similar in term of difficulty to the exam or not.

Thank you

Even in the website LOD of all sets are not similar. Most of the CFAI sets will be straightforward and all we need to is to plug in formulas. However, IMO topic tests are really good and should help you to gain extra 10 points than others who are not exposed to. I will rate them much higher than any test provider mat any day.

I did a few vignettes until now (ethics and equity) and I found out that the structure is more or less always the same and I expected more difficult question (I am not scoring high results, but this is because I am still not confortable with the material, I have just finished the readings).

Anyone else could say something about?