CFA Topic Tests, Mock Exams, EOC Questions, or Schweser Q Bank..??

After completing all the brutal topic tests with average score of 50s, CFA Mock exam averaging 60% (AM & PM) and 3 Schweser Mocks. I feel the topic tests are very frustrating and way beyond the actual exam level… Would you recomend solving them one more time, go with more Schweser Mocks or revise EOCs…???

What are your plans in the coming 2 weeks…??

I know the topic tests are probably good and will give an edge to candidates but I am not doing them.

I am carefully going through all the EOC questions again including ones that are not in Multiple choice format.

I understand your decision in dropping the topic tests, however, I think you should even take a look. Although, I’m hating it as I mentioned earlier, but I guess it’s very important. At the end, its sure your call… :slight_smile:

Will you do any Mocks…??

FWIW, despite the level of difficulty, I have found the Topic Tests a great way to point out where CFAI could try and trick us.