CFA UK FSA Lecture in London

Anybody elso attend the FSA lecture in London tonight provided by CFA UK?

Nope. any good?

who put it on?Was it just L1?

It was put on by CFA UK (formerly UKSIP) at HSBC Canary Wharf. Nearly all L1 with maybe 2/3 L2. The lecture was FSA and was around inventory & deferred tax liability. Lasted about an hour 1/2. Definately worth the visit.

Sounds good, thanks for the info, dib. I would’ve checked it out, but didnt know about it.

lola - Pretty sure I am going to join the CFA UK as the benefits look attractive.

I dont really live in the UK (just visit fairly often), so can’t say anything about the local societies there. I’m sure it’s worth it though.