CFA Value Abroad

Hi everyone, First and foremost, I wanted to say what a great site this is. I’ve been to many other CFA forums, and I find the knowledge that is shared on the other sites is sub-par in comparison. A quick insight into my situation: I am currently employed, working on a Retail trading desk in Toronto (for the past 2 years), writing Level 2 in June '08, passed CSC, CPH, DFC, OLC, and graduated from a top Canadian business school with an honours undergraduate degree in Finance (April ’06) My job has no longer become challenging. I am looking for a career change, but am finding it extremely difficult in Canada (as I’m sure others are) to find decent job offers. I find that North American and Canadian job market in particular, is very saturated with individuals that have the full charter and/or an MBA. I was wondering if this is the case abroad (mainly in Europe). I’ve heard from numerous people that it is much easier finding a job in Europe and the UK than it is in N.A. My questions are the following: Has anyone attempted to find a career, going from N.A. to Europe, and how’d they go about doing it? I’ve found numerous websites, but they mainly focus on executive positions for CEO’s and CFO’s. I haven’t been able to locate any recruiters, and I was thinking that I would go over to London for 2 weeks, but knocking on doors really doesn’t work. I’m fully willing to relocate, and pay really doesn’t mean anything to me; as long as I can pay rent and utilities. If anyone can provide and insight or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.