CFA w kids

I feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment for passing Level 3 (on my 2nd try) with a wife and 3 young kids. I’m still in happy disbelief that I passed. Congrats to all dads and moms out there who studied & passed all 3 levels. My super supportive wife was just as excited (possibly more) that I passed level 3. My marriage survived all 3 CFA levels, so I got that going for me. Keep working hard all Level 3 test takers with kids - you can do it!

I have no kids - thank the lord.

You’re 100% certain of that?

Yep it certainly can be done. It just takes extra effort and a supportive and understanding family. My answer to limit impact on my kids was to get up early and study at 4am every day. That way I was done by the time my kids woke up on the weekends and I was still able to go to their soccer games and do things with them. Sure I was a zombie by their bed times but there was minimal impact with the exception of the final few weekends where CFA prep was all day every day.

You just have to want it.


It’s easy to pass all three levels in time with the kids if you promise your wife that you will buy her a car as I did.

Completely agree. With kids, I felt there was simply not enough time to put in study hours. The worse of it all, for me, was the overwhelming guilt that came over me when I spent time studying over spending time with the family. Thankfully, having a supportive wife is everything. The final 2-3 months prior to exam, we both know the hardship I put her through. *sniff sniff - she da real MVP…

Hello fellow midwest dad! I had a two year old when I started and we had another right before L2.

It can be done. Just need a kick ass wife!

That’s right - strike first, strike hard, no mercy!

I had three kids when I was studying for all three levels.

A supportive, understanding, take-charge spouse is a blessing in these circumstances.

Same here. 3 kids while studying and it was harder than I thought.

You always feel a bit guilty when your wife is going to soccer game, etc. and you have to stay back at home.

At least it’s over now.

First kid was born June 10th 2018, yup a friendly two weeks before level 3. Thought I’d passed, but apparently not studying for the last two weeks before exam day isn’t a winning strategy.

I passed CFA L3 and FRM with a wife and 4 kids. Nothing is impossible.

And like most have mentioned above…, all credits go to the supportive spouse for sure!

I have 2 kids. Couldn’t imagine doing this with 4. I’d need another wife…

no doubt that one’s partner is a huge contribution to our success… I personally started the CFA program when my wife was pregnant with our first born who is 3.5 years now and my wife was pregnant when i wrote my L3 for a second time… i was really disappointed that i couldn’t pass the first time around because i put so much effort into it… almost twice of what i put at level 2. But then second time around i barely able to put 100 hours due to family and other commitments… I’m so glad i passed this year. So yea… its challenging for those of us who are married and have kids, but others who are not in the same boat as us probably have other challenges that they need to overcome. One thing i have learned from these exams is Persistence, dedication and your relentless pursuit to get on the other side is what matters most along with a partner who buys into that vision of yours. Good Luck to all the mom’s and dad’s who are close to the finish line :slight_smile: and congrats to the ones who made it through!

hope we all remember the sacrifice of our spouses forever…especially when tempted to act the f*

I think that is not the art to pass with kids and one supportive spouse. What’s about those who have 3-4 kids with 3-4 different wives (and yet are paying for the alimony)? Now, this must be a real challenge.