CFA Website

So, I’m hanging with the 2 youngest rugrats, and rather than watch “Because of Winn Dixie” yet again, I’m poking around the website. First, anyone noticed that the “topic areas” listed for all five online exams include quant? That’s got to be wrong. Even though they don’t “appear” until 3/2008, I would think they’d fix that bit. Each of the five covers different topics by the way, so it forces you to do all 5 to get complete coverage. Also, the October 2007 newletter includes the following as second para “If your preparation schedule has been going according to plan, you should be just now completing all of the study sessions. This will allow you to spend the final six weeks before the exam reviewing the assigned material and taking multiple online sample exams to help you focus on improving those areas where you are weakest.” Yikes, someone needs to do some cleanup.

You mean you haven’t covered all the material yet? Only 7 months left…

Not enough time Joey, there won’t be enough time.