CFA with full time classes, SUCKS!

Anyone else studying for the CFA while taking a full course load? I don’t think I’ll be able to hack it in June… wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m taking my last elective this semester… Russian Literature… nothing like 250 pages of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky per week to ruin your CFA study time!!! On the plus side, my other 3 courses are finance related, so I’m getting a lot of reinforcement for fixed income, equity, and portfolio management. uhg… looks like I’ll be paying for a retake in December :(((

Sorry to burst ur bubble…but most ppl work here, and have other obligations, studying while you are working is a lot harder then when you are at school.

YA id have to agree. I haven’t really started to do much at work yet. i.e. why I’m able to type this msg. But once I get into the swing of things, il be at wrk from 7-7 probably… maybe later who knows. Id kill to go back to school to study again. College is such an easy gig.

Poor baby. It’s much worse to have to read Tolstoy and Dostoevsky than to deal with working a billion and a half hours a week like most people taking this exam.

I forgot to mention, I work 40+ hours per week on the third shift at a chemical plant (Clariant LSM), and take 15 cr hours of coursework on top of studying for CFA. I sleep from 5pm to 10pm during the week, and work 3-11 shift on Saturday and Sunday. Sure, if all I was doing was going to class while mommy and daddy were paying for everything, it wouldn’t be that bad. My work consists of bottling hazardous chemicals and moving around inventory on a forklift outside, rain or (moon)shine. So there’s no “poor baby” here… I’m busting my ass

So… what made you sign up for the CFA if all those obligations are most likely going to be known in advance. … and did somebody say moonshine?

I took the Series 7 exam during my last year of college with similiar circumstances. I could not imagine the CFA. Try to enjoy the good times of college.

There’s no way I would waste my college years studying for L1. Enjoy it while you can - go find a hot blonde and wait for December.

Not much sympathy here. Full course load does not equal a 90 hr work week


Working, going to school, and studying for the exam is a real pain. I worked full-time, took a full course load (5 classes), and studied for the December '07 exam, and it was the longest period of my life. As long as you stay focused, you can pass - just be prepared to not have any free time until the exam is done.