CFA with MBA

Hi All. I have started the CFA L1 journey. I am preparing for Feb22. So, I am also planning to do MBA simultaneously. could you please advise which one of the following three programs will be suitable once we complete CFA?

  1. MBA international finance integrated with ACCA, UK
  2. MBA financial markets integrated with IFM, UK
  3. MBA in Investment Banking and Equity research.

Thank you very much.

Honestly, any of these options is entirely suitable. As you take the three levels of the CFA exams, you will find that the material is very broad and covers a wide range of topics. Pick the path that you want to pursue for yourself among these three options. The CFA Program will not limit your ability or undermine your marketability for any of these paths.

The main thing is to pick the path you want to take, because after working for several years in a given specialty post MBA it can become harder to transition out to a different field.

Best of luck to you and wishing you success!

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Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion.

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