CFA work experience from running my own Investment Advisory Firm

Does starting an investment advisory firm (financial advise, MA, valuations of start-ups) and working there/running it qualify as CFA work experience? I have worked in financial services in Australia, but now I’m back in Bangladesh and want to start the firm here. I’m sitting for CFA level 1 in December 2017.

Looking forward to your input guys!

Yes, as long as you are providing those services to your clients. If you have no clients or you have no one to provide those services, then I would say no.

If someone else is doing those services at your firm and you are managing/supervising them, that would qualify as well.

As always, you should go to the horse’s mouth:

E-mail them; they’ll tell you what qualifies, how to document it, and so on.

Thanks for info guys! I thought I replied earlier, clearly it wasn’t posted :stuck_out_tongue:

clearly :stuck_out_tongue: