CFA work experience required

Hi guys,

I have just passed L2 and I’m going to register for L3. I hope you could help me to understand better the work experience required to achieve CFA charter. I know that it’s really early, but I hope to better understand this point decide the best time to take L3

I have read that you need 4 years of work experience, so if you don’t have it, even if you passed all 3 levels, you could not become CFA. is realy true?

If yes, once completed the 3 levels, what you have to do?

and as work experience, what is possible to include? also master or school work?

and at last, in general what are the steps after completed the 3 levels to complete membership?

Many thanks

Here you go

thanks, I have also another questions…

in Becoming a Member on CFA website I have found:

To become a regular member of CFA Institute you will need to:

So I don’t understand why it indicates Pass L1 and not L3. Maybe I’ll be missing something. Can I apply to membership also before to gain all 3 levels?

Many thanks

That’s to become a regular member, but without the letters after your name.