CFA work experience requirement

I recently accepted a position with a commercial bank as a credit analyst. Does this type of work experience count at all for the CFA experience requirement? It doesn’t matter much to me since I am doing the program for the learning experience, but of course it would be a surprising plus if the work experience did count.


I am not sure what you mean by requirement? But hands on experience in any field of finance would be conducive towards CFA program. I have several years of banking experience but as an investment banker I cannot say I can game the CFA but I can certainly relate parts of it to my experience.

gkiel3 - I see what you mean by requirement now. I am not quite sure about your position but below is a link and you may want to contact them directly to find out.

Thanks for your response, Dipti Mathur. Does anyone else have any insight?

I have no idea, it depends what your job entails. If you’re analyzing financial statements, determining if companies are credit-worthy- then I would assume so. I would consider that being involved with the “investment-decision process.”

Do the job responsibilities of your job need to be endorsed by your boss in some sort of written form to be sent to CFAI?

The truth is- does it really matter? How old are you? I know about the work experience requirement and I used to stress about it but you shouldn’t. My job is fund accountant and I’m prepping for Level I. No, my job doesn’t count towards the years of experience but if I pass level I that will help me move into a position that does qualify as experience. My point is, focus on passing each level of the test and you will be able to move into a position that qualifies as experience. Don’t stress the experience, stress the test- it all falls into place after you’ve passed the multiple levels.