CFA work experience requirement

Without providing all the background on the positions (because I can’t find it at the moment), generally would the roles of financial analyst or syndicate analyst meet the work experience requirement for the CFA? Also, would being a syndicate analyst provide a sound base work experience for trying to get into a top 10 MBA program? Finally, would a syndicate analyst be able to change over into an investment research position without backtracking down the salary scale, or are the two experiences completely unrelated and thus my experience as syndicate would be a waste? Thanks for the help.

FA is a REALLY broad term. SA I would assume to mean that you worked on an M&A or IPO Deal as a member of the underwriting syndicate or something, which WOULD absolutely qualify. Willy

Thanks Willy. I found the descriptions for the FA and SA to help everyone out. FA - Responsibilities include formulating new business proposals, developing company forecasts and valuations, evaluating merger and acquisition scenarios, and preparing documents related to the public issuance of common stock. As analysts gain experience, they are expected to work on every aspect of the transaction process, including participation in drafting sessions, new business proposals and due diligence meetings. SA - The Syndicate Analyst position offers the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of equity public offerings and the equity markets, while working closely with the Investment Banking, Research, Institutional Sales and Trading departments. Responsibilities include evaluating and preparing documents throughout the managed equity offering process (pre-filing to post-offering), compiling data and preparing effective presentations for corporate clients, and formulating strategies to address retail and corporate clients’ needs. The position is not limited to a specific industry group, so, analysts gain exposure to each of the investment banking/research sectors. In addition to Syndicate responsibilities, analysts are often involved in the development and implementation of numerous projects outside of the department. Thanks again everyone.

Any help anyone can provide with my last two questions would be great. Willy again maybe?