CFA work-related job

Hi All Is financial planning analyst in a corporate be considered as work experience to obtain the charter? I have a job description as below: Financial Analyst(Financial Planning) - it is a fab company - Maintain manufacturing budget, product cost forecast and fab cost modeling - Support management decision making through cost analysis and business modelling i know that the job designation “Corporate Financial Analyst” can be considered as work requirement, but the requirement also said you must spend 50 percent of time making investment decision for CFA charterholder So the question is whether the above job can be considered as making investment decision if it is to do with cost modelling and forecasting? pls help, thanks :slight_smile:

I’d say more than likely

all depends how you present it. search for this, its been covered in detail.

Thanks for replying, the reason is i am asking is i am working in a semicon company as Information System Staff and i have completed my CFA lvl 1, attending CFA lvl 2, and this job opportunites happened in the internal company, was thinking if i successfully applied for this job, will the job experience be counted towards the charter of the CFA? Would like to have more input from you guy, is “Corporate Financial Analyst” do the above job responsible? and still involved in “Investment Decision Making Process”?

Here is the job description for Section Manager in charged of the job: As Section Manager of Financial Planning, you will be responsible for development of operational, strategic and financial plans in support of XXX Company. You will set up the financial system and data base for cost modeling. You will perform technical analysis to determine present and future financial performance; gather, analyze, prepare and summarize recommendations for financial plans, acquisition activity, trended future requirements, operating forecasts, etc. Additionally, you will perform economic research and studies in the areas of rates of return, depreciations, working capital requirements, investment opportunities, and investment performance. In addition, the role will be responsible for driving the overall financial CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) process requirements to meet cost goals/metrics. Qualified candidates will have: • A minimum of 5-6 years related financial planning experience preferred or related financial experience in an MNC. • Experience in costing, budget, analysis and reporting. • Experience with SAP, and proficient with Excel and knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word Power Point). • Demonstrated strong analytical ability. • Demonstrated ability to change and execute change. • Strong oral and written communications skills. • A team player and strong interpersonal skills. So is this the normal job scope to be considered as CFA work related job?