Hello everyone, I am doing MSc in Sociology. After 7 months I will get my Post Graduate degree from the best university of my country. I am thinking about starting CFA right after my Masters in Sociology. Will anyone please guide me that can i be able to pass CFA (3 Levels) after doing masters in Sociology? Although Sociology is a good subject but we know that this field of mine is entirely different from CFA. I am curious about CFA. I am compitent and have a good grading throughout my educational career uptill now. Will i be able to pass CFA after Sociology? Should i start it or not? Is CFA impossible after the graduation in such social science? Is it just the matter of hardworking ? or it demands some relevent educational background? Please guide me I am worried about my career. I am confused and waiting for the reply



CFA is definately not impossible with any major. I am sure there are plenty of people who have passed all three level with majors other than finance. Question I think is, are you willing to put in the time and effort. my 2 cents.

Ok, wtf. Are you trolling Jini? I’m really confused here, why are doing a MSc in Sociology then completing the CFA? Are you in India or something?

BA sociology/economics here and perennial level three candidate, it can be done you just have to work at it more then others because you don’t have the background. I don’t understand why you would want to though.

If she’s doing an Msc in Sociology, then probably not Indian.

Is your country the #1 exporter of potassium?

@Palantir, I just realized that it says Pakistan under his avatar. So I’m not far off.