I’m new to the forum and have recently signed up to write the CFA L1 in December, 2012.

I’m currently in marketing for a public accounting firm and would like to transition into corporate finance - in either an investor relations, consultant or analyst role. I was just wondering what my chances are like after completing all 3 levels?

I have had several years of marketing experience and am a director on the board of a profitable luxury new home construction company. So I do have experience in private enterprise but none in finance directly. I just want to know what my chances are, if I have any of moving into finance.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

I would say an MBA will probably do more for you than passing some CFA levels

Agree on the MBA comment. The CFA is geared toward those looking to work in the public markets, not corporate finance.

The fact that they only offer the exams once (or twice) a year is a major factor for keeping the designation more exclusive. The 2-3 year commitment shows that people are serious about this industry, and didn’t just cram for a few months for some “flavor of the week” idea that they wanted to become a Wall Street hot shot.