CFAI 2004 exam

First, i believe the usefullness of exams deteriorates significantly past 2005. Second i believe time horizon for IPS for Maclins is incorrect as it is actually 3 and not 2 stages. Guidline answer doesnt take 4 year college education for twins into consideration.

Agree with 3 stage comment.

Yea I keep coming across this problem ( and remember this one from 04) where it seems CFAI does not take into consideration college education; however I agree I think they should count it and not penalize us for it. I remember doing a problem where it did mention that you may take the college education into consideration for a t-h but i cant remember if it was schweser or cfai exam.

Also i disagree with average ability. It should be above average.

Which question number is this one again?

I also agree with 3 stages