CFAI 2006 exam question

is “economic surplus” part of the curriculum this year? see question 9 its really not that difficult, but i skipped it as it didn’t look familiar

i don’t think it is.

pardon my stunning ignorance, but where are you getting the 2006 questions? btw, that econ section was a complete joke. honestly, i did very well overall if VWP/IS was updated for this year. missed 2 of 5 gips questions which chaps my hide…those are easy points. i thought the IPSs were much better than schweser. CFAI all the way here on out…i presume 07 and 08 IPSs are a bit harder which will be great practice.

i thought there was too much difference in material in 2006, i got frustrated. 2007 and 2008 were a lot better.

are those in the sample exams? I don’t see them on the website.

click on “essay questions” cfasf1- isn’t material almost identical for 07 and 08? that should help, i agree.

K- I think so. not too much stuff you haven’t seen before in 2007 and 2008. 2008 is long but i thought the difficulty and breadth was pretty close to what I am expecting in 2009. it is freaking long though.

thanks. pretty sure i can handle long, can’t handle extraneous, out of BFE.