CFAI 2008 Morning.

So just took the 2008 exam and am pretty sure I just got my ass handed to me. There were a number of things in there where I was just scratching my head. Don’t remember looking at cash-carry calculations for commodities. Don’t remember having to calculate anything for a liquidity constraint for a DB fund. And the FX on the last problem ?_? Bah!

The morning session of the 2008 exam was the worst three hours of my academic life. A significant percentage of AF posters didn’t even finish the exam. I punted the last question myself and just whiffed on a few others. Thankfully I did well on the IPS and institutional questions and the afternoon was quite manageable, and I passed by the skin of my teeth. Injury to insult… I drank way too much water before the morning session and had to do the last hour with my legs crossed. I didn’t have a second to spare to go to the toilet. You have all been warned. frisian, CFA

I just finished this mock exam and I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggled with it. That was BRUTAL! Anyone know what the 2008 pass rate was?

Definitely take that rest room break about an hour and a half in . You will see an increase in the level of your patience in dealing with the test

I think in the 2008 morning individual IPS , the second q in part D was extremely straightforward. Straight use of TVM with everything specified. So you do get some freebies thrown in , and you can wing through some of the others ( say 60-70% of the IPS q shouldn’t be a problem for AF’ers)

Just bring a bedpan. Dual effect, distract other candidates and also relieve the issue at hand.

Ok, just finished it…the first part was fine, but the last questions were tough. Managed to scrape 77% though.