CFAI 2011 vs. 2012 Mock

On Saturday I did the 2012 CFAI Mock: 60% and now did the 2011 CFAI Mock with 73%. Without even knowing my score when doing the 2011 one, I felt that one was considerably easier then 2012 Mock - anyone thought the same?

I felt 2012 has more traps and tests more of the easy-to-get-confused concepts…

Is it still worth doing the Schweser Practice Exams? I’m between doing the 2010 CFAI Mock and reviewing from the curriculum and the two Schweser Practice Exams…

Any thoughts? Thanks

Guess it just depends what areas you’re strong at. I found the 2011 mock much harder then the 2012, especially the 2011 AM.

agree, although i feel PM part is harder. a lot of qualitative questions and lots of reading!

I got 77 on both section of 2011, and just got 70 on the morning of 2012. I found the 2012 morning to be quite tricky

p.s. not sure about you guys, but it seems i usually get higher than what i think i am going to get… I’m never too confident once I finish the exam on where I stand.

there is so much variance in what you are getting tested on that it’S pretty hard to say. it really depends on how you overall knowledge is

77 50 71 is as bad as 50 77 71 or vice verca…

i think constant result is the key. i got 78 76 78 in 2011 AM ,PM. 2012 AM

FRA in AM 2012 was just impossible.

I count how many Q’s I’m not sure of, I’ve done 5 mocks now and been +/- 2 points on every one on guessing my score. Don’t get all the ones I’m not sure of wrong and don’t get all the ones I think I’m sure of right, but I seem to be able to judge how I’m doing pretty well.

ok, i guess i have to take my words back…although i feel 2011 pm is very hard, it turns out to be the best score i’ve got…i was just frustrated by so much reading

I did the 2012 mock mid-April and got 68% and did the 2011 mock 2 weeks ago and got 75%. Did the 2012 mock AGAIN this weekend and got 80% on the 2nd attempt.

bmer4444 I don’t think you are suggesting that 80% is representative when you’ve done it twice

bmer4444 I don’t think you are suggesting that 80% is representative when you’ve done it twice

Yes, and when I do it a 3rd time and get perfect that is what I expect to get on the exam.

I agree completely! I got mid 70s on 2011 and low 60s on 2012… but i thought it had to do with the fact that i tried 2012 first…

The 2011 mock was the only mock I got over 70% overall… then again, I did 2012 first then 2013 and 2011 just today so maybe I’ve gotten a hang for the questions first.

I have 2011 but not 2012, can anyone email it to me?

2012 is like 2013

i found the 2013 mock pretty friggin tough but the 2012 not so bad…