CFAI 2013 Level 2 ONLINE SAMPLE exams

I’ve seen lots of threads on the CFAI mock and the Schweser mocks. Anyone else got results to report on the online samples that cost $40? I took the first one today and ended up with a 69%. Missed a couple of gimmes that I didn’t think were worded well and a few that I should have gotten no problem, but overall I ended up doing the worst on equity and FRA when I KNOW that I am much better in those areas than the others. I was just unlucky on the topics for those sections given there was just one item set as compared to the four that will be on the exam. FRA questions were also pretty tough IMO.

I also got 69% in the 1st exam. FRA was tough and I missed a few gimmes elsewhere as well.

a disappointing 61% in the 2nd exam. FRA again was pretty tough, PM was a great deal tougher than in Schweser exams and Econ was a shocker. I felt really time constrained ( i think i spent too much time reviewing the answers in FRA) and had to give up a few of the more labour intensive questions near the end.

I got a 78 on the first one. Slightly lower than I’ve been getting on Schweser, but that score was driven by a 1/6 on FRA. I got abolutely destroyed on that. I thought it was really difficult. I only missed 3 questions outside of FRA, which was obviously encouraging. Planning on trying Sample 2 soon.

77 on Sample 1. Yet to take Sample 2.

Just took sample 2 and got an 83%. Tough to be dissapointed with that. I did think the 2nd one was harder than the first, despite the fact that I did slightly better on 2 (77% on sample 1). I had a few lucky guesses on 2 (somehow went 6/6 on a difficult econ item set). Probably should have been close to a 75%. But with 3 weeks to go, hard to complain with these scores.