CFAI 2014 Mocks Results

Wow ! I did the afternoon march mock this morning and it was really challenging.

CFAI June Morning mock : 76%

CFAI June Afternoon mock : 77%

CFAI March Morning mock : 72%

CFAI March Afternoon mock : 61% !!! WTF is going on here !!!

Dude. Those are great scores. You’ll be fine.

I had slightly lower scores and have reason to believe many q’s were repeated. The online tutorials that have been posted online recycled a lot of these questions.

Not an accurate sample- keep grinding

CFAI explicitly said that the first mock that was released at the beginning of the year had reused questions from the practice assessments… The March Mock should’ve been fresh new questions.

Would you look … how did you score on them ?

Just took Version A (is that the June or March mock?) AM sesson under exam conditions. 63.3%.

Not great, but not hopeless either.

i got 64% in last yr mock

got 70+ in 8 subjects

So if u r above 60% u r doing gr8

Version A:

AM: 83,33%

PM: 85%

Version B:

AM: 75%

PM: 71,67%

I did Version B a couple of weeks ago, just before starting my revision, and did the Version A today.

Version B is the March Mock while version A is the June mock

i think version B is the latest mock ??.. isnt it ???..please clarify someone

Is the real exam = or more difficult than the mocks? They seem to be waaaay below par.

what seems to be below par? and the consensus regarding the real exam difficulty is they are a bit easier or the same difficulty as mocks.



CFAI June Morning mock : 73%

CFAI June Afternoon mock : 78%

CFAI March Morning mock : 75%

CFAI March Afternoon mock : 63% “!!! WTF is going on here !!!”

Wow seriously ? This is amazingly similar …

Yup :wink:

March Mock AM: 83.3%

March Mock PM: 78%

Didn’t bother with the other mock since I’ve done the sample questions multiple times and the mock basicaly recycles all those sample questions.

Finally done with mocks. Now gonna brush up on some concepts and get ready.

CFAI March Morning mock : 73%

CFAI March Afternoon mock : 63%