CFAI 2016 official essay question 1 C

as one of the reasons Prarie can take more risk than Sopho, i Put:

"higher because they have flexibility to spend less and still remain rax exempt. MIN SPEND= .04 and they typically spend >.043. flexibility like this increases ability to take risk.

This was not one of the guideline answers, so i didnt give myself any credit. Really wanna give myself those 2 points though, since Im pretty sure im right.

2 questions for yall:

  1. Can i give myself that 2 pts?

  2. in GENERAL, are the CFAI guideline answers reflective of an EXAUSTIVE list of correct answers? or are there some correct answers that would get full credit that arent listed there?

I know for a fact the schweser guideline answers are NOT an exaustive list of acceptible full credit answers. Please advise!!!