CFAI $40 sample exams on their website.

Has any of you folks taken the two $40 each CFAI sample exams on their website. Did you find that they repeated questions from CFAI’s mock and /or sample exams from previous years Did you find them useful and are they worth paying for or are the CFAI full-length mock exams good enough substitutes?

my understanding is that the sample exams usually becomes part of the mock exam NEXT year. so for example, there were a few questions from last year’s (2011) sample exam that was in this year’s (2012) mock exam. so, i guess it’s probably worthwhile getting the sample exam.

i’d say do BOTH the mock and sample exams. the more the better. good luck.

I was going to ask this too, if anyone actually buys the sample exams…Thinking of doing so this weekend to just drill more questions.

I took one sample exam on CFAI site. It had no repeated questions from before. (mocks etc). But, I found it to be difficult and clunky to use, as they force you to do it one question at a time and i had to scroll back and forth, and then,to top it all, they close it out within 2 hours, and do not let you save the question so you can refer to your mistakes. So, probably not worth recommending for the $40 spent

I took the first one today, and if there’s one takeaway, any obscure question is fair game. They asked one on MM-II cost of capital, which is about one paragraph in VIII. Not sure it really helps other than getting a hang of the format.

I was just thinking of taking it up ! had tried giving it for level 1 and it helped quite a lot.

How much did you end up scoring anyway ?

The more questions the better, especially if they come from CFAI, IMO. I took them.

Because of all this, I wouldn’t buy it