CFAI Absolute Tyranny (Advice Appreciated)

Long story short: I registered for the November CFA Level 3 exam. When I went to the test center, the entire facility was closed. I kept knocking until workers came to ask me what’s up.

After showing them my test confirmation, they said the date and location are correct, but they simply didn’t know anybody was coming today.


We called CFAI, lady said the they don’t understand how this happened, and the best advice was to register for the next exam.

I asked if I will be reimbursed or receive a voucher for the next registration, CFAI replied no because they are not responsible for mishaps between the test center and me.


I said how can they expect the consumer to facilitate smooth operation between them and their business partner? The lady put me on hold and came back saying they agreed to let me email them about this issue.

Well, I did. They replied saying they are looking into it. It’s been two weeks. I asked for updates. Nothing.

Anybody experience something similar? My friend said for her Level 1 paper exam, the center didn’t have her name either. She had to call the HQ and was narrowly allowed in before the test start.

Frankly, I’m just drained from cramming the curriculum in between my full-time schedule to suddenly not even have the opportunity to write the test, then be told off that it was my fault. By the next exam window I will probably need to refresh much of the content all over again.

After moving to CBT and delegating test-administrating process to third-party organizations, CFA test-taking is becoming less serious.
During my last exam , they didn’t even check If I was putting my car keys into my locker. The one could easily hide the car keys somewhere outdoor, and access their papers in car during the unscheduled break, because when I took the break to go to the bathroom, I saw nobody monitoring me, nor the entrance and the restroom.

That’s mental, push the CFA hard on this, you’ll get free reschedule as this is totally out of line.

Really sorry to hear this though, all that work for a reschedule is soul destroying stuff. If you decide to resist you are a BEAST!!! But a cry in the shower is probably warranted here.

All the very best to you

To be fair, the CFA hired random proctors when it was paper based who banned you for 5 years if you coughed, and there was no judge and jury.

At least now everything is videotaped. I think that’s progress.

Hey MissCleo,

Glad to see you haven’t crossed the finish line, yet. Doubt you ever will.


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