CFAI AM actual exams - 2010 vs 2011.

With all due respect, I just wanted to confirm from your smar folks that did you feel the CFAI past AM exam of 2011 was way easier than the CFAI past AM exam of 2010?

I was doing both these exams for the last couple of days and was struggling badly with 2010, every question had it’s own shenanigan! While the 2011 questions were all about - List 2 benefits, 2 advantages, 2 disadvanates, etc thoery questions.

Not being judgemental, just want to check if there is a hole in my preparation that I found 2010 way too difficult than the 2011 or is it the general consensus here. No hard feelings to anyone who did not make it in the 2011 exam, I know in the heat of the moment, even a simple math like 2+2 gets diffuclt and overwhelming.

Also I am pretty sure the 2011 PM section would have been a tough nut to compensate for the leeway in 2011 AM

But wanted your true opinions on 2010 vs 2011.

Regards L3Crucifier (R.I.P. 06/02)

I haven’t taken the 2011 exam yet but I have taken the 2010 exam. I got a 78% but I had seen the individual IPS question and the question about options strategies before. I thought the exam was fair. I think that the Schweser AM exams are less straight forward than the CFA exams.

I had the same. exact. feeling.

I started by doing 2011 AM, and totally killed it, my morale soared, I felt like a L3 god. It was so freaking easy

Then I did 2010, it was much harder, and I thought it was much more in line with the difficulty I expected.

How about Mock 2010 compared to Mock 2011 and 2012. Mock 2010 is harder than both!

Same goes to Morning 2010 … harder than 2011 :)… I have to agree.

For me the 2008 morning exam was hell on earth, all the other ones were fairly straight forward but for one or two questions.

Opposite. Scored mid 70s in 2010, mid 50s in 2011.

it looks like different people have different experience based on their weak/strong areas. As a retaker , I can say 2011 looks easier in hind sight , but was damned hard for most people that I talked to , excuse my sudanese