CFAI AM Scores

I know its a little cliche to start an AM scores thread, but I am gettign killed.

How are you guys doing?

I just took 2008 and got 47%. Granted Im grading myself pretty hard, but still, its not good.

Yesterday on 2007 I graded myself at 54%.

Are you guys seeing this kind of thing too? What are you grading yourselves at? I know its subjective…

Its really frustrating to put in hundreds of hours of study and still be struggling.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty sure most are in the same boat, especially if they are grading honestly and conservatively.

Are you guys actually taking the past CFAI morning exams like real 3 hour timed tests, because I think there would be some changes to the curriculum… so no point in taking it as a test. Should I rather just do question by question and read the solutions given by CFAI?

I sit down, start a timer, and make sure i can beat the question’s time. So if its a 36 minute question, I try to beat that time.

So I look and say “ok that only took 24 minutes” and I kinda keep up with the long and short times and try to get it all under 180 total. But after each question, I stop and go over the answer.

So yes, I try to keep up with time, but no I don’t do it in a linear fashion.

I do theinl they are fairly relevant score wise though, the curriculum hasn’t changed that much…now whether we are scoring them the way the CFAI does, we will never know, but it give us an idea of weaknesses.