CFAI and the Grinch

What is the connection between CFAI and the Grinch? Ans: Later, but see if you can figure it out now. Hint: Sing the song that the little kids are singing when they wake up on Christmas morning.

I give up … even after reading the lyrics. (

Joey, did you get my email?

Fah who for-aze = Frank Fabozzi?

Fah-Who, Dah-Who, Wahoo. Legend has it that a guy flunked out from UVA and went on to make millions. He came back to Charlottesville and built a gigantic house on the mountain overlooking the campus as an fu to the people who failed him (as if some college professor would care). Dr.Seuss was a UVA alum who modelled the grinch after this guy. It sure sound to me like the kids singing are singing “Wahoo, Wahoo…” And CFAI is in Charlottesville. I just thought this might help you in the early fall remember that Christmas bonuses are right around the corner…

CFAdetroit Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Fah who for-aze = Frank Fabozzi? Clever, but I don’t think so…