CFAI Assessments/Mock

Anybody else finding the CFAI assessments and mock unusally difficult? I especially think the FRA assessments are much more difficult than any EOC/Examples/Schweser/Wiley. Feels like a bait and switch…total blow to confidence going through CFAI questions. Anyone else?

Depends what your reference is for “unusually”. Yes they are tougher than EOC/BBs but judging by pass rates, it’s safe to assume they are representative of the actual exam.

I’ve been practicing on FinQuiz before, i never scored more than 50%. I am having 67-80% on the CFAI assessments, so I suppose they are kinda straightforward, altought they at not simple. Fact is each assesment is taking me 30-45 min.

Yes, they are difficult. Keep grinding and it will sink in…eventually.

I sure hope eventually occurs in the next 6 days

i started the topic reviews, but when you get the answer wrong they don’t tell you exactly where in the curriculum to go to look it up. So i figured I would complete all of the schweser mocks instead because it seems more time effective that they tell you exactly what page the concept is found on.

What do you do when you get a question wrong on the practice assessments? Am i wrong here?

I found FRA assessments to be harder than the other topic area’s assessments. I’d say the exam difficulty is in between the EOC’s and mocks.

The online CFAI practice tests? They absolutely give you the sections that the solutions come from. The formatting is a little weird after you submit your answers in that they include the entire vignette under the solution to the first question but eventually the solutions are in there if you keep scrolling down, and after it it will say for example “Portfolio Concepts 4.3”. Or on some lovely questions they list out like three different sections they’ve referenced… some from different topics altogether! What fun!