CFAI BlueBoxes and EOC only for practice.

I read many replies that schweser QBank is useless. So in the interest of time, I am going through only CFAI examples and EOC. is that good enough?

I will repeat these blueboxes and EOCs again as I get more time.

What is the suggestion from others who have studied material? Good enough to repeat the BlueBoxes and EOCs from CFAI?


There is no limit to the number of times you can actually do EOCS and Blue boxes (now black boxes, sigh!)… I used to do them couple of times and realized actually I was repeating the mistakes I did the first time around. So definitely helps doing it couple of times.

Schweser (or finquiz) is helpful too though imho. There have been mixed views on this, so do the stuff which worked for you in L1/L2.