CFAi book questions or Schweser Qbank?

Im doing Dec08 lvl1, and have read through the Schweser books. My next step is to start making notes on the LOSs and do some questions simultaneaously. Im wondering whether I should upgrade my Schweser package to get the Qbank + vol2 practice exams, or simply do all of the questions at the back of the CFAi books instead? I have already done the study guide questions and comp problems. I hear a lot of people advising to do as many questions as possible but not sure whether the Qbank is going to be overkill (given it is meant to be easier). Thanks guys

Anyone - hello?

People pass by using Qbank/Practice Exams and/or by using the questions in the back of the CFAI texts. In the end it’s up to you, do you learn better through continual drill and practice? Or do you retain concepts well and only need a brief single review section for each study session. Based on the pass rates of AF, many swear by Qbank.

Qbank + CFAI mock

Do all 4000 questions of Qbank and you will be fine