CFAI book?

Hi all, While looking at different posts, I have seen some postings that talk about CFAI book. Can someone please let me know what book this is? Thanks in advance, Payam

They refer to CFAI readings which has 6 books for level 3.

Is you registered for an exam…you will receive the CFAI books…part of the deal now.

I am planning to take CFA part I now, and I have started my research couple of days back and bought the CFA Fundamentals book by Bruce Kuhlman. Are you suggesting that I should first register for the level I exam and then start studying the material that I receive as part of the exam registration?

Rigistering is a big committment. Do all the research ahead of time. All I am saying is that once you register, you will receive all the matieral from CFAI; but that is not to say that you have to use those CFAI books. You will find this kind of opinion on this board.

What you are doing is right. If you have time, go throught the fundamentals book first before registering for the exam. By the way, you posted on level 3 forum.