CFAI Books are heavy

Going out to a house in Southampton NY that a few friends and I rented for the summer. should be cooler and least distracting there as the house will be empty. Trying to decide whether or not to take the CFAI books as they add significant weight and going to be walking about 1 mile. Are they worth it. Should I take some and leave some?

def worth it

Can I come along? I’ll drive so you can take your books…

Seriously if you wanna come out you can. Just don’t murder me.

Also I’ll pass on the lift. Catching the train tonight and my girlfriend is out there for tonight. So going to get a little alone time but she is leaving in the morning. If the city is getting a it much I wouldn’t mind.

did that for LI…was a very nice way to spend the last study days. enjoy! (and take the books)

Man, do I envy you. If I could go away somewhere and get away from my kids for the week it would be soooooo nice. I love my kids, but could do without them for just this week. :slight_smile:

babbu, just start talking to them about implementation shortfall, or even better about GIPS and they’ll be sure to leave you in peace…

Blamey Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Seriously if you wanna come out you can. Just > don’t murder me. Bravo - just made me laugh a lot. (saying something at 00:45 BST) Jesus, I hope you really don’t get murdered now. I’d take em - if nothing else, it’s more to throw on the log fire when you’re cosying up on the rug with the missus on friday night. Or Shark777, I guess.

Okay I am off. Cab comming to take me to train station in 1 mins. Hopefully I havn’t forgotten anything cause It will be a ball ache getting it.