CFAI books + SchweserPro combo

For some reason I never bothered to go through CFAI books because I had the impression it’ll be too long-winded etc. However, I thought I’d give the books a shot and I did a few chapters from it, and I think its actually quite solid, and not that much more lenghty than Schweser notes. Also, I won’t run the risk of missing out on topics that Schweser skims. Using the CFAI books with the SchweserPro online tool is proving very useful for me. I browse through the LOS and then read the book and then go through SchweserPro to check if I’ve understood the concepts. Anyone else here prefers CFAI books over Schweser?

Yup, I agree. Though there are some topics like Interest Rate Derivatives which have like 15 pages of optional segment for 3 pages of LOS worth stuff in the CFAI books (I used Schweser for that). I would do a cost benefit analysis for sections like that where Schweser might be a better choice. Hope that helps.

u guys have too much time on ur hands schweser is quick and to the point 1luv