CFAI books=useless ??

My performance in mocks was slightly less than I would like it to be. I decided it to blame it on Schweser, so I turned to CFAI curriculum. After spending a week reading the FSA material from CFAI I could not find a thing that Schweser did not cover. So obviously the problem is me not learning everything Schweser has to say, and not Schweser being inferior. Would be nice to see what the rest of you think, and what you are doing… For those with unconstructive comments, please try to sum them up in one post :slight_smile:

CFAI *books* are useless

Have you solved all the EOC questions, and revisted weak areas?

The readings in the books have a lot of useless information, it’s more interesting/informative than a good study aid. But, the EOC questions are the closest you’re going to get to the types of questions you’ll get on test day outside of the CFAI mock exam - so not overall useless.

okay so clearly everyone things EOC are a big deal. I think I will spend the next few days doing them all in order. Do you guys value the non multiple choice ones? It is a multiple choice exam…

I would definitely do the non-mc as well. I feel like they really test your knowledge and your grasp of the material. Although they are sometimes boring and annoying to solve, I remember they helped me alot with L1 so let’s hope it does the same for L2. when I attempted some of the non-mc questions, I realized that I didn’t understand a specific component or another of the topics and it made me go back to try to understand them completely. Since you’re already done the material and have done a few mocks, it’ll definitely help you to focus on EOCs.

^thanks canadian, and all the other guys who gave input

CFAI text becomes more relevant as u progress through the levels and the material tested becomes less general. They suck reading, but dont be surprised when test day comes and they structure an entire vignette off of a page or two of cfai material not fully covered in 3rd party study material. If u don’t have time to read cfai text then bet on schweser, if u have the drive and time to study cfai text that is best IMHO. At the very least get EVERY EOC question down pat. They have tested almost verbatim some of these questions in the past. I was consistently scoring over 85 on schweser exams level 2. I also only checked the intermediate and advanced questions. I failed band 8. Next year I focused on cfai and now am almost exclusively using cfai for level 3.

@SkipE99 by 85 you meen on Qbank not mocks… how did you do on mocks?

I know 3 of my friends, who only studied from Schweser. Watching videos, bunch of problems from the Q-bank and doing all the mock exams. All of the passed. They said you can totally do it with schweser. I think there is just too much stuff in the CFAI books and if you have a job (time is limited) then you definately want to make sure, that you cover the whole curriculum. I agree that probably there are a few things what schweser don`t cover, but I think you spend a bunch of extra time to pick up a few points and you wasted a bunch of time. The video on FSA and swaps from Schweser was really helpful. Reading the CFAI books is like reading a phone book!

85 on Qbank. 80’s and above on the booklets of Schweser, but I think they got harder towards the end. First time around on L2 I was scoring in the mid 70’s on CFAI. failed band 8. Second time on CFAI mocks I was scoring upper 70’s and may have broken 80 on one or two occasions. I know two people as well that only used Schweser 100% and they both passed. If you have the time, I would focus more on CFAI, but everyone has a life to live too, so Schweser is often used as a replacement instead of a supplement as it was intended. I guess my study style is to do a bunch of questions and get into a rhythm of answering the questions. I did not focus on concepts as much as getting answers I got wrong right. Since I used Schweser for this I basically conditioned myself to learn how to think like Schweser wanted me to think. Come test day, CFAI was asking some crazy questions that I did not recall anywhere in the material. This did not make for a comfortable test takin experience that first time around. Again, this is just my experience. All I know is that I used 100% Schweser, was scoring high, and failed. Next time around I focused more on CFAI and killed it. I also put in well over 500 hours worth of studying. I am not one of these smart guys, I have to beat this stuff into my brain with pure repitition.

schweser surely is a great exam reading source but the EOC questions in schweser are way too easier than CFAI sometimes ambiguous too . Agree that CFAI texts may be too wordy but what I do is I keep both schweser and CFAI books opened after reading each LOS from schweser I just give a glance at the respective LOS in CFAI besides solving any questions in that LOS . I may not be able to do the same for all the readings but I would definitely do this for equity and FRA

I may be in the minority here, but I have a feeling that they might throw us in a loop this year and test everything from Schweser (or that format).

You can definitely just study from Schweser. Back in the day you weren’t even required to buy the CFAI books and people would just sign up for the test, buy Schweser and study.

gulf, I am doing the EOCs right now after having read Schweser. I think it will take you a lot more than a few days. Granted, I have been mailing it in lately, but these are really time consuming. I have been at it for more than two weeks and just finished books 2, 3 and 4. At this point, I am just going to do about half from each section since I have not yet read ethics and want plenty of time for practice exams. Only 38 days left…

Hey guys, I’ve just finished reading Schweser once, taking my own notes, doing all the Schweser EOC questions. Now Im intending to read through CFAI once and then doing its EOC. After that I will take mocks, and if Ive got any time left, I will do Schweser practise exams. So do you guys think I should read CFAI or should I spend those time on QBank? I find CFAI curriculum is too much wordy and sometimes I may fall asleep reading it. I dont have much time left, hence I wanna optimize my learning schedule. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

I dun care what people like or dislike I use em all CFAI, schweser, stalla passmasters and videos Why US NUKED Japan? It covered a big area and didn’t miss much.

WTF? passme Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I dun care what people like or dislike > I use em all > CFAI, schweser, stalla passmasters and videos > > Why US NUKED Japan? > > It covered a big area and didn’t miss much.

@passme good one I would prefer to do the same , but I dont think I can even complete schweser in the given time

^ same