CFAI books

OK, it’s probably too late to think about this, but the books are staring right at me - should i even bother opening them up? i only started studying 3 weeks ago and have only used the schweser notes - i’m not sure it’s worth looking at the CFAI books… has anyone out there looked at both set of books? is one better than the other?

schweser maybe good in previous years, but definitely no good for current and future exams, check out the sample exams, very CFAI text oriented.

bugger! do you mean i should check out the sample exam in the CFAI book or schweser book?

i mean cfai online exams but given you 've just started, maybe it’s unreasonable to do both. still recommend cfai, it’s more thorough and can’t go wrong (for exam purpose)

I used CFAI books for Ethics & the private & instituitional PM material. Schweser for everything else. Do the questions in CFAI books though as they may flag the areas where Scweser is weak. I would have liked to use CFAI books exclusively, but I didn’g have the time.