CFAI Chapter Questions

Is anyone else scouring through these? Is it worth using another week on going through them all for a third time or should i review my notes and old/practice exams??

I’ve hit them once and plan to do them again, especially the IPS stuff. They way I see it, if it’s in their text, that’s probably how they want to see it on the exam.

ive been working thourgh the EXAMPLES as well as the questions… Some of the questions are mixed… I got my arse kicked by Reading #31 even though I knew the stuff while reading the text…

i just got the feeling that some of the ques were too tough to be on the exam… maybe i just have a mental block when it comes to them… i absolutely hate the idea of doing them all over again… i rather do another mock paper

I agree with Data_Monkey. A few readings have really handed me my lunch, but overall I think the process has been very helpful. I can’t imagine going through it three times though.

I’m doing them for the 3rd time. Not really useful as I know most of the questions and answers by heart …

i agre with you dalian… although the currency questions have left me a shell of a man…

personally…i don’t think you can do enough of them. I think doing them over and over again is what got me through Level 2. I don’t even know how many times I’ve done them…but I’ll keep doing them until I can do them in my sleep. The remainder of my studying will be end of chapter problems…plus reviewing new readings/los’s/ and the cfa online/mock material.

I’m doing them again (third time) with the examples starting tomorrow. Even if the questions are too tough some of the concepts they cover in the answers showed up in the online samples. For example the concept that you should not hedge the spread risk of MBS was not in the readings but in the answer to one of the questions.

I think a quick glance of these once over again helps in reviewing what has been assimilated over the last 8 to 9 months.