CFAI Cirriculum MC vs. Schweser Book 6

For those who have done both, can you please tell me which ones are more useful and more complicated / tougher?? Edit: forgot to thank you :slight_smile:

are you talking about the end of chapter questions? i like the cfai curriculum vignettes (2006 actual exam included) a lot. I thik schweser is very good as well, but in the end, the cfai is the one giving the test so, i tend to put more weight on those questions. i still stand by my claim that there was an error on that ethics vignette in online exam 2 that was repeated. bugs me that they never really got back to me. i’m curious how these mocks are though. will do them this weekend. 10 days.

Yes i mean CFAI end of chapters questions not the mock or sample

i did all the vignettes and multiple choice form the text. there are several in corp finance , and i think fsa too, that are good. the single multiple choice questions were ok, but i prefer to do the vignettes. so it would be: 1. vignette style end of chapter questions from the text. 2. book 6 2. stand alone multiple choice from the text but that’s just my preference…

Didn’t really like the mc’s, have spared the vignettes but they are coming from ‘the source’ so I’d place them on P1.