CFAI Continuing Education Record

The CFAI just sent an email indicating that my continuing education record has been updated. I got a CE credit of 40 and SER credit of 4

What is this all about? Is this credit sufficient for the whole year or will it cover more than one year? How do we get credits subsequently?

Je ne sais pas.

As there is no continuing education requirement (as yet), I, for one, wouldn’t worry about it.

You probably received this from taking the exam in June. But as S2000 noted, it’s not a requirement so don’t worry about it. The guideline is for 20 CE and 2 SER per year. You earn them by attending investment related conferences, reading investment related articles, etc. There is a section on CFAI website that explains the details and how to earn them if you’re really bored one day and want to know for sure.

Thanks for the information. The record actually stated that I earned it on June 1, 2013 (level 3 exam date). It appears that I have sufficient credit for 2 years. Not bad! A cursory look at the website shows that annual credit is not compulsory for CFA Charterholders but that it is recommended.

Passing Level I, II, and/or III of the CFA exam entitles you to 40 credit hours for each exam level passed, with automated recording by CFA Institute. Funny thing is, when I contacted CFAI, they insisted that “the maximum CE credit for any activity cannot exceed 20 credits per activity”. But this document clearly says otherwise:

Still waiting for the 40 CE credits…Cheers!