CFAI Curriculum Level III

If you are interested in selling CFAI Curriculum level III please send an email: It could be after exam. :slight_smile:

Should we enter into a contingent prepaid forward contract? The problem is that my chances of passing are slim and the rate to discount forward price to today is going to be high. …

does this mean you pose a credit risk to the counter party if you do not pass and choose instead to keep the textbooks? convenience yield and lease rates should also be factored in.

This is not a problem. You will have to register again and CFAI will send you 2009 bookset. I need 2008 curriculum. :slight_smile:

How much ?

Why do you need 2008? Shouldn’t you have received it when you registered?

I passed III level but I need curriculum 2008 for all levels for personal reason. The price is under demand and supplay law !!! Please send me an email with your offer :

This is against the code I would imagine.

Could you explain your supposition. Books are oryginal and are not stolen, I suppouse. You should more concentrate on Ethic. Exam is very close !!! :slight_smile:

I am sure I can find something about the redistribution of material in the CFAI books…

Don’t lose your very value time. You better learn.

You go away now…