CFAI e-books - UGH

Most VitalSource books allow you to email them to your Kindle. CFAI has specially permissioned theirs to disallow this normal practice. I can’t read anything on a non-Bloomberg screen for very long as it gives me a migraine, and was counting on using my Kindle to read the sections I needed in the CFAI texts. Has anyone figured out how to solve this problem?? HELP.

Yes buy the real books!

CFAI, in my opinion, frakked up the whole curriculum with this ebook thing. I honestly think that people who are using the ebooks don’t get quality study since they can’t print out the materials(easily). Sure, this opinion is based on my liking to have the book in front of me, but not allowing the ebook to be easily read on popular ereaders is ridiculous.

They still have not explained their reasoning for using a constrained ebook solution. The only people who need the material are people who are registered for the exam, thus can use the material. So what’s the problem with candidates easily printing or using the ebook on a reader? It’s not like the curriculum is being bootleged like a Batman movie, and I’m sure their costs for printing and shipping is more than the cost we pay. What’s the deal CFAI??

There isn’t a rational reason for this ridiculous decision, and I still haven’t figured out how to get an actual download. (If you can get a file onto your desktop, you can email the file to your Kindle with the subject line “convert” and it will wind up in Kindle format automatically.)

Anyone figure out how to create a desktop file? Anyone? Bueller?

I’ve seen people with ipad’s access the CFAI curriculum on their tablet’s. I’m guessing the Vital software is available as an app

yes - vital has an ipad app - and makes for a relatively easier reading exp. than a laptop (which is a paiiinn). But am still disappointed. Hoping to get audio - dont see why that at least is not available

I converted the VitalSource e-book to a PDF (You can print to a PDF file, essentially saving it as a PDF).

You will have to do it in sections because there is a limit to how many pages you can print.

Once you have the entire book in sections in PDF format, you can consolidate them. You can also crop the whitespace out.

I used Adobe Acrobat Pro to do this, but you can find some applications that let you do each step.

You can then print the entire PDF, or transfer the PDF to your Kindle using Calibre.

CFAI text and schweser pdfs are the best combination!

I tried printing as a PDF then converting via the usual Kindle method, and the font was microscopic. Then tried using Calibre. Same issue, except that the “don’t print unless you’re thesloth or else” header is gigantic. I tried physical printing, it cuts off the right margin (approx three words lost each line) AND uses one sheet of paper every time the printer ‘sees’ the “don’t print unless you’re thesloth or else” header. Plus there is no printer-friendly format, so some pages have about two sentences. Net result: 700 sheets of paper for one half book (only half legible) as it is non-convertible. ARGH.

I agree that the ebooks stink. Since this is my second attempt I’m using last year’s books. Does anyone know of a source that lists any changes to the curriculum from year to year?

Another problem with the vitalsource: you can’t correct the errata.

The PDF version that I have seen online was quite readable. That was in some 115 link

i also don’t like the way pdf file looks on my kindle. i tried cropping the margins, but that’s a lot of work (have to do it manually for every page). any other ideas???