CFAI eBook

Hi guys, Does anyone know how and where to download the CFA original Ebook, or scanned copies of the curriculum, but not “NOTES, like Kaplan,Vividbook, or Schweser etc…” etc ? thanks

When you register for CFA you get all login details to vitalsource unless you chose the ‘print’ only option.

without registration?

you can buy it online at the CFAI bookstore.

Okay, I have kind of done a blunder… opted for the Ebook version for the CFAI notes… Now, I think i may need its notes in print… It is mentioned that i can download it only on 2 computers… Can’t i not transfer the ebook via a CD/pendrive etc once i have downloaded it on my pc?? I need to know this because if this is the case, i need to be careful when it comes to downloading on another pc… (as i have have to take the mass printouts from a store) Thanks

Ruchita There is an option to view it online on any computer. Just that it feels like google books, you will not like the page turns. I wish I had opted for print. Downloading the ebooks from vital source is probably a lot of ISP $ for me.

Guys, I have already purchased and read through the hard copy books and but I am interested in purchasing the eBook to review concepts during the “downtime” in work. However, my corporate laptop does not allow me to install any software and I as far as I know the Vitalsource is heavy and akward to see it online… I would like to know whether I would be able to convert the eBook to pdf (maybe through a pdf printer?) so that I can transfer it to my business laptop… Thanks!

Yup. You can print pdfs… There’s a limit though… You can print around 100 pages a day or something.

Thank you BelalM! Which program do you utilise to print pdfs?