CFAI eBooks - how do you rotate a page?

How do you rotate a page when reading a CFAI curriculum e-book using VitalSource bookshelf on a Windows laptop?


what do you mean by rotate?

I mean landscape to portrait view or vice versa. You know, like Adobe reader has View > Rotate view > clockwise…

There are pages in the ebook that have been printed lengthwise, I sure hope we are not supposed to crane our necks and look at them sideways!

I am trying to find an example, will post it when I find it. But I hope I have made it clear.

never done that… and do not believe there is any straight forward method for that.

I know what you mean.

maybe ask Vitalsource support.

here you go.

Ha ha.

Anyway, found an example.

“The Traditional Case For International Diversification” p.329 of vol 3 of 2013 level III. (Institute 329) Institute, CFA. Level III 2013 Volume 3 Capital Market Expectations, Market Valuation, and Asset Allocation. John Wiley & Sons (P&T), 6/18/2012. Vitalsource suppot page is a piece of excrement, unfortunately.

Download CutePDF, print to PDF, rotate at your pleasure.