CFAI Ebooks Missing Pages?

I just signed up for L2 and downloaded the ebooks, and I’m very confused as to why they are so short.

Volume 1 - 312 pages

Volume 2 - 158 pages

Volume 3 - 153 pages

Volume 4 - 219 pages

Volume 5 - 249 pages

Volume 6 - 252 pages

Am I missing something here?

Aren’t they 5 volumes?

In the bookshelf application that we are forced to use, when I entered in my redemption code I had 6 volumes download, each having the number of pages I posted above. I can’t figure out why they are so short.

Because they changed the ebook format and the pages on the ebook are longer than the physical books.

There is still a lot of material. L2 was just over 3000 pages for me (June 2014).

print curriculum for 2015:

  1. How is the paper quality? Last year, Wiley provided s*itty paper, whereas the year before, Pearson had awesome quality paper.

  2. Is it color or black & white?

  3. Do you think it was worth spending an extra $150 for it?

Is anyone else frustrated with this change in the ebook from pages to sections? I am trying to use the same schedule app as last year, but it’s hard for me to input pages per hour when I have no idea how many pages each section is.

Same feeling about app