CFAI eBooks on Kindle

I haven’t been able to find a clear answer to this. I know the eBooks will work on the iPad, but will they work on the Kindle? Don’t have a Kindle yet, but would get one for the purpose - if I were to read on a reader it would have to be something with e-ink, anything backlit (i.e. the iPad) would irritate me over time.

I think you can print the books to PDF, and then load them on an alternative ereader

I remember someone saying somewhere that printing and printing to PDF is somehow limited, maybe a few pages at a time. I’d expect that use of the eBook would be restricted, either limited downloads or authentications, or some other way to prevent one purchased copy being easily shared around. Can anyone confirm that there is a simple process to print to PDF (in one go), and that this format is as clear, searchable and bookmarkable as the Kindle’s native formats?

regarding the 2011 curriculum version: nope, no way to read on Kindle. I’m fairly proficient with PDFs, digital storage, and gave it an honest go. There was no reasonable way to read the curriculum on the Kindle. The pdfs created from the curriculum were enormous, badly formatted and unusable. And no, can’t just generate a single pdf, the ebooks are maxed at something like 100 pages.

Thanks, zoya - pretty moronic of CFAI to exclude the bestselling Kindle.