CFAI End of Chapter Questions

How many people have found the end of chapter questions in the given CFA books uesful? I am putting all the books questions together to form larger tests, breaking them up as well. What do you guys think of using these? Thanks

i find them great for learning but for test simulation mocks are better I found the real thing easier than eoc, just cause some eoc need a lot of time so they cant ask em on exam.

Thanks… I only have access to the two practice exams and the one mock exam which I haven’t taken yet. I am however planning on taking the mock exam offered on the 21st of May.

buy schweser mocks Very worth it. Elan even better.

Yes, the one offered after the 21st is Schweser… I already bought the secret sauce with flashcards… not sure it is worth $150 more dollars to buy Elan 11th hour, flash cards, formula sheet, and 3 mock exams… what you guys think? Time is running out. Thanks

I found the secret sauce a waste of $ If you are studying well you should already know most of what is in it by heart. You already have Schweser notes which is a summary, why would you want a summary of that… I don’t like these shortcuts…whats next a summary of the secret sauce that anyone reads an hours before the exams and passes ?

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EOC questions are essential, imo.