CFAI EOC Qestions - Level of Difficulty

I am trying to gauge if the CFAI EOC questions are representative of what might show up on a mock or similar exam. I found the ethics questions to be pretty straightforward, so I’m hoping this is the difficulty I should expect in the future. Thanks. -B

On the Exam…Ethics…equal to or greater than. Sometimes more equal to and sometimes more greater than. CFA is funny that way!!!

Thanks. Any more input into the EOC level of difficulty relative to mocks/etc? I am also finding the Economics EOCs to be pretty straightforward too… Also, why are the Quant EOCs not in the standard test form (A, B, C)? Seems odd and not really that helpful-- though certainly they help you understand the material. Thanks. ---- Edit: Also, if a mod or someone would like to correct the title of the thread “Questions” that would be nice. I couldn’t figure out how to modify the original post.

Bueller? Bueller?

The questions on the exam are incredibly straight forward, while many of the EOC questions can get long winded and tricky at times. Do you have a copy of a mock that the CFA has released? That is essentially exactly what the real exam is like. Judge for yourself on the difficultness between the two. Definitely focus on the EOC questions, as they are straight from the CFAI. They will get your mind working how it needs to be.

exam much harder than EOC IMO, time constraints, stress of grueling exam conditions, etc etc

Hence why I said check out the mock, compare to the EOC, and make your own decision. We all study, learn, and perform differently under different conditions. But yes, in the end you can do all the mocks and EOC questions in the world and it really won’t compare to the actual test. builders Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > exam much harder than EOC IMO, time constraints, > stress of grueling exam conditions, etc etc

no one will ever go wrong with EOCs

Thanks for the advice, Richard. I took a look at the mock exam on the CFAI site (afternoon exam) for Ethics and Econ. The Econ seemed very straightforward. A handful of the Ethics answers and explanations were a bit shocking, particularly #18 that calls for the analyst to quit (not disassociate). Also, one the answers/explanations seemed to assume/pull information to support it that is not presented with the question (#15). I was left scratching my head on that one too. ---- Note: I believe by referring to the questions in the mock and not reproducing them, it is acceptable to discuss them in this way, as only those with access (those that are allowed to access) the mocks will understand/comment to the particular problems. If that is not correct, please let me know and/or delete my commentary. Also, if I am going overboard with being paranoid-- feel free to let me know as well. I don’t really want to get kicked/kept out before I even sit for the test.